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We are committed to matching strategic resources to the Client’s needs.
We aim to Identify and match the best talent to employers of choice.

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 We have a proud reputation for supplying top caliber candidates, drawn from an extensive talent pool.
These highly skilled and motivated candidates range across a broad spectrum of job categories and industries.


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As the client, you have the opportunity to experience the following advantages:

Our stringent checks, including criminal, qualification, and credit verifications, cater to specific requirements of the clients.

We provide the flexibility to scale the workforce based on the clients’ business cycle.

Our services align with the clients’ objectives and staffing needs.

By allowing the clients’ employees to focus on their core functions, we optimize productive hours to the maximum.

We attract skilled candidates who offer flexible hours and specialized expertise.

Clients can ensure permanent employment of the right candidate by initially offering a contract position and converting them after assessing their work ethic.

Clients enjoy peace of mind as our entire recruitment process, including documentation, complies with labor legislation, mitigating unnecessary costs and risks

Affiliations & Partnerships

Moladira Skills is proud to be a member of APSO, which serves as our industry representative organization. Through APSO, we actively participate in important business forums like CAPES and NEDLAC, addressing industry-related matters and changes that impact employment in our country.

In our commitment to providing reliable and trustworthy services, Moladira Skills collaborates with renowned brands such as MIE and LexisNexis to conduct thorough verification checks. These checks ensure that all verifications we perform are legally gazetted, maintaining the highest standards of credibility and accuracy.

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Jody Cordier

Assistant Project Manager

Wow, I am really enjoying the new working environment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person at Moladira Skills. The support and team was excellent. I would really recommend Moladira Skills to every single person looking for employment.

Mlondi Ngidi

Assistant Project Manager

I am enjoying my new job as an Assistant Project Manager at VumaTel. I found Moladira Skills very helpful and responses are immediate. I had no challenges being there.

Kevin Naidoo

Resident Liaison

Just like to thank Gomolemo for the experience because it was absolutely amazing and I will recommend their service’s to anyone looking for a job. The way your business is been structured is amazing and how you have treated the people that come there is fantastic keep up the good job.

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Welcome to our exceptional recruitment initiative! Our recruiters have introduced a remarkable practice of conducting interviews with candidates in our database, even in the absence of current job openings. These interviews serve a dual purpose: providing valuable tips and training on the recruitment process and offering candidates an opportunity to sharpen their skills in areas such as interviewing and CV drafting. We believe in nurturing talent and equipping individuals with the tools for success. Through these insightful sessions, we go beyond traditional hiring practices, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for future opportunities. Join us in this exciting endeavor as we empower and support candidates on their path to career growth and fulfillment.

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Our recruiters possess unmatched talent-spotting prowess, identifying and attracting top-tier candidates. With industry insight, they match skills and aspirations to perfect opportunities. With vast networks and market expertise, they streamline the hiring process, maximizing potential. Trust our recruiters to guide you towards fulfilling roles, propelling your career.


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Ntombizonke Mtshali

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