Background on Moladira

Moladira Skills was founded in 2016 by Douglas James. Douglas has extensive experience within the Skills Development and Recruitment Sectors having worked for companies such as Damelin College and Kelly Group over the last 15 years.

Having worked within operations (labour Intensive areas such as call centers) and corporate accounts it has been clear that there is a large opportunity to do better in terms of creating employment, supporting companies (big and small) through flexible commercials and to increase sustainably and growth within the SMME and Informal Markets.


Why have we established Moladira


1. The increasingly high level of unemployment
2. Lack of Platforms where Job Seekers, or shall we say “Opportunity Seekers “receive relevant information pertaining to their careers
3. Exploitation of the vulnerable people that is seeking guidance and help to enter the world of work
4. Our previously disadvantaged communities that we believe is misunderstood in terms of what they really need in terms of career guidance
5. The Inflexible manner in which the industry treats businesses in this economic climate, especially the SMME’s
6. Lack of understanding from businesses(SMME's and large Corporate) in terms of leveraging legislation as a strategic tool when dealing with resourcing

Affiliations & Partnerships

Moladira Skills is a member of APSO that is our industry representative body. This authority engages various business forums such as CAPES and NEDLAC around industry and changes affecting employment within the country.

Moladira Skills also utilizes brands such as MIE and LexisNexis to conduct verification checks to ensure that all verifications are credible and accurate as legally gazetted.

Our People

As a start we are much more than the core team of internal resources that is responsible for the various areas within the business. We call on an extensive network, industry bodies and government where required to ensure that we deliver a quality compliant product that speaks to strategy and costs at all times.

We try and practice what we preach, thus our hiring strategy. We source young, committed, inexperienced people with potential and we build them from the ground up. All our staff are accredited in line with their job function and level of responsibility. As we have changes in our workforce we try and stay current with all requirements for our employees.