Our contract staffing solution sees Moladira Skills candidates being assigned to Clients on a contract basis, in line with the Clients staffing requirements. Moladira Skills has a proud reputation for supplying top caliber candidates, drawn from an extensive talent pool. These highly skilled and motivated candidates range across a broad spectrum of job categories and industries.
Contract staffing is an effective solution for companies facing increased demands on their resources as a result of fluctuating market conditions. This enables our Clients to align their talent pool with shifts in business demands and changes in business cycles, ensuring costs are contained, the workforce is optimally managed and productivity is maximised.
Moladira Skills contracting staffing recruitment solutions encompass sourcing, screening, assessing, and interviewing the correctly matched candidate to the position as well as the cultural environment of the Client. This is done in line with the Client’s objectives regardless of whether the Client needs one or more contract candidates.

Partnering with Our Clients for Maximum Benefits

By selecting Moladira Skills as a contract staffing partner of choice who focuses on effective people management solutions, you as the Client can enjoy the following benefits:

• Stringent checks including criminal, qualification, credit etc. These may include specific checks relevant to the Clients requirements;

• The ability to staff up or down according to the Clients business cycle;

• The ability to meet the Clients business’ objectives and staffing requirements;

• The Clients employees are able to focus on their core functions allowing for maximum optimisation of productive hours;

• Attract skilled candidates who can work flexible hours and bring with them specialised expertise;

• Clients can ensure that the correct candidate is permanently employed by first offering a contract position and converting the contractor once work ethic has been scrutinised;

• The Client benefits from peace of mind as the entire recruitment process including documentation is legally compliant with all labour legislation, therefore avoiding unnecessary costs and risk.


Rates for contract staff is calculated on a case by case basis and the rates are very different dependent on the type of project, number of resources required and skills sets required. Contract staff could literally be across all skills sets and job categories. The more specialised the higher the rates generally. We do however recommend to engage as we could share ideas in terms of what is required and other possible solutions.


Moladira Skills offers the Client and opportunity to absorb the contract employees into the permanent employee pool. This assists the business from a feeder pool perspective. These rates are negotiable based on the level of skill required, tenure of employees as well as salaries.
We do believe in incentivising our Clients, thus we generally adopt a progressive approach where the fees get lower the longer we continue with the contract assignment. Please see example below:

Category of staff 0 – 3 Months 4 – 6 Months 7 – 12 Months 12months plus
Java Developer 15% 12% 10% 8%

Note: These rates will be calculated based on the Total Cost to Company that the employee is offered by you as our valued Client. These percentages exclude the 14% VAT amount. VAT is effectively a NULL cost.


In the event that a Contract employee need to be replaced Moladira Skills will replace the contract employee only once a formal disciplinary process has been followed. Moladira Skills will align its code of conduct in order to ensure that sanctions are exactly the same as indicated within the Clients’ HR and IR Policy. The Client commits to adhere to the BCEA in terms of performance management and other pieces of Labour Legislation.