Moladira Skills provides a wide range of strategies and offerings which speak to the employment equity ACT of 1998 however the central focus is wellness. The aim is to offer a developmental communication model which specifically speaks to organizational leaders and personnel about the employment of people living with disability and how they can add value and contribute to the economy through inclusiveness.

The developmental model is strongly focusing on the development and sensitization of senior management and personnel through effective workshop and training sessions at no additional cost to Clients.

This developmental communication programme is absolutely critical in the successful creation and implementation of any differently abled “projects”.

The costs structure varies based on the business requirements. Some services include:

• Environmental Access Scanning

• Sourcing and Placement of differently abled candidates

• Developmental communication across all job categories prior to placement of differently abled candidates

• Developmental communications across all job categories during the tenure of the differently abled candidates

• Developmental training both employees of employers as well as the training/coaching/mentoring of differently abled candidates

• Diversity Training

• Engagement Techniques - focused on managers and HR