Moladira Skills understands that it is absolutely critical that a business is compliant from a payroll perspective. Payroll is a function of both HR and Finance and you as a small and medium sized business owner will understand this principle. Having gone the stresses ourselves we understand the importance of balancing and keeping track of finances and other legislative activities such taxes, UIF Payments and so forth. Of course we will ensure that confidentiality is kept throughout.
The cost structure will differ based on the type of business as Clients might have different requirements i.e. union payments that need to be administered

Below you will get a clear understanding of what the payroll service offers:

• Detailed personal records of all employees

• Detailed and accredited Payslips

• Accurate accounting practices aligned with SARS, Department of Labour, COIDA and SETA regulations

• Pay per number of active employees

• Detailed finance and accounting reports

• Reconciliations

• UIF Declarations

• PAYE Reconciliations

Ultimately Moladira Skills will invoice based on the number of users as well as the type of the service utilised. From a risk mitigation and compliance perspective this is key.