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Origins and Evolution

Moladira Skills, founded in 2016 by Douglas James, emerged from his extensive expertise in the Flexible Recruitment and Skills Development sectors. With a notable background at companies like Kelly Group, Douglas played a pivotal role in devising and implementing innovative sourcing strategies for our corporate clientele, aligning with evolving labor regulations.

Having honed his experience in labor-intensive domains such as call centers and corporate accounts, Douglas recognized significant opportunities to enhance employment creation and bolster organizations. Moladira Skills strives to support companies on their path to sustainability and growth within the SMME and Informal Markets, offering flexible commercial solutions that align with their aspirations.

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Years of Experience

At Moladira Skills, we take pride in our unparalleled track record of success in the recruitment industry. With years of expertise and a keen understanding of market dynamics, we have consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients.


Serviced Clients

We have helped numerous businesses thrive by identifying and securing top-tier candidates who seamlessly align with their organizational goals. Our dedicated team of industry experts employs cutting-edge strategies and a personalized approach to ensure optimal talent acquisition and placement.


Successful Candidates

Through our meticulous screening processes, extensive network, and comprehensive industry knowledge, we have garnered a reputation for delivering highly qualified professionals across various sectors and roles.